Founded in 2021, JBU Association is a non-profit that realizes challenges and visions with all partners to build the next generation of young leadership by helping children, families and communities suffering from poverty and inequality around the world. 

We have been providing these resources on demand, informally since 2008. By connecting organizations with organizations, we have been able to mobilize volunteers, facilitate donations, and coordinate fundraising for community needs. We were able to coordinate and organize volunteers in a summer camp to teach English, math, music, art, reading, coding, and soccer to low income children. We also delivered clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sanitary napkins, socks, and basic food to poor neighbors. During the Covid Pandemic, masks, hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies were supplied. Donations for orphans in the Ukrainian War were delivered to the Ukrainian border area. Every few months, JBU sponsors locally and internationally, and works with several organizations to raise funds for a local non-profit dedicated to the blind, holding an annual fundraising concert.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we have seen so many people in cities cut off in funding and resources.  As we connect with each other online, we can reach more people and serve as a bridge to help more effectively, faster, easier, and more effectively. 

We learned to listen to our questions, to understand someone's longings and losses, to find hope in their lives and to discern how to be good at what they were capable of. Leadership starts with listening.